Wander Van

Fitting a Side Window

I fitted a Seitz S4 window to the sliding door of the van. I’ll try not to repeat what others have said as it’s a fairly common job. To mostly fill the window shape in my sliding door I picked… Read more

Making the van greener

“It’s estimated that in Britain, more than 650 people a year die of lung or bladder cancer as a result of being exposed to diesel exhaust fumes at work. Around 800 new cases of cancer linked to diesel exhaust fume… Read more

Rock and Roll bed

The bed will be the largest piece of furniture in the van, so it took lots of deliberation to decide what form it should take, and where it should go. In the end it was quite simple as I had… Read more

Fitting a Floor to The Van

I decided on a lino floor similar to Van Dog Traveller, but the process ended up being a little different for me. I needed new plywood floorboards as the ones that came with my van were too oily. I bought some… Read more

Fitting Swivelling Saab Seats To The Van

The original seats fitted to my van were uncomfortable on long journeys, and the passenger one lacked adjustment altogether. I decided something more comfortable would be nice, and found some used leather seats from a Saab 9-5 on eBay. My friend… Read more

Lowering and Adjusting the Handbrake in a Mercedes Sprinter/VW LT35

After fitting swivelling Saab seats to the van, the driver’s seat couldn’t swivel, because the handbrake needed to go lower at its lowest point of travel. This excellent write up (page 5) offers two possible solutions. I tried option B but it… Read more

I Bought A Van

I bought a VW LT35. I was on the lookout for a high top, with the 109BHP 2.5TDI engine. I kept checking eBay for about 3 months before I found the one I wanted, 72k miles and not too far away…. Read more

Choosing A Van

Before beginning the project I spent some time thinking about what I wanted the van to do. I think the choice of base vehicle probably has a bigger effect on the outcome than any other decision. My aim was to create a… Read more