Wander Van


Robin’s journey turning an old VW LT van into an off grid home.

My passion for combining engineering and travel started when I got my first car, a 1970s VW Beetle. Once my friend had welded in new floors, and I had rebuilt the engine with the help of my dad, I set off for Europe with two cousins and a friend, and got as far south as Rome, taking in Monte Carlo and Switzerland. I had the travel bug, and after university drove the beetle again to Barcelona for work, with my girlfriend. The beetle did great, but I longed to be able to stay where I wanted, and to be more self-sufficient. I wasn’t a fan of the enormous plastic creations retired people seem to buy, and I started searching. I devoured blogs such as Vandog Traveller, VanLife Adventure, and From Rust To RoadTrip, and read books such as Off The Road. Eventually I saved up enough money to buy the van I wanted, and that’s where this story starts.