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Fitting a Side Window

I fitted a Seitz S4 window to the sliding door of the van. I’ll try not to repeat what others have said as it’s a fairly common job. To mostly fill the window shape in my sliding door I picked a 900 x 500 Seitz S4 window. They’re not the cheapest but are double glazed, open wide and include a fly screen and blackout blind.

Once I’d measured the size of the frame I drew on the side of the van the shape to cut out. With some masking tape around the edges to help locate it and encourage the paint not to peel off around the cut, I used a hole-cutter drill to make a hole big enough to get the jigsaw in at each corner, then cut all the way around.

It was worth adding some small strips of masking tape once the sides were cut to stop the panel flapping as the top and bottom were being cut.

It’s important to catch and sweep out all filings, as they will rust where they land, ruining paintwork or marking upholstery.

Once the hole was the right size I cut out and glued a wood frame to the inside half of the window. We applied a generous amount of SikaLastomer 710 to the outside, and it was time to place the outside half onto the door, then screw on the inside from inside the van (having an assistant was very helpful at this stage).

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4 responses to “Fitting a Side Window”

  1. preston says:

    I have a similar window from Dometic. It’s pretty much flat, no contour top to bottom. I believe yours is the same. I’m installing in a 2005 MB Sprinter. Was the curvature an issue for you? Do you have more close up photos of how you managed that aspect of the install?

    • Robin says:

      Hi Preston, I used a wood frame to block the window out from the steel, as it requires a certain thickness. You could always shape your frame to take up the contour of the door, but I don’t think I had an issue with it, it was close enough for the plastic to flex and the sealant to fill in any gaps.

  2. Ashley Watson says:

    Hi I own an LT35 too, wondering how you removed the bulk head? Ta

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